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Frequently asked questions

Do you coach men and women?

Yes! Whilst the majority of my clients are men in business, I also coach driven and ambitious women, who want to take their health & fitness to the next level.

I'm not planning to look like a competitive athlete, but would love to shed some body fat. Do I qualify for the program?

Of course, the majority of my clients are lifestyle transformation clients who’s goal is to create a healthy lifestyle,  improve overall fitness and feel better in their skin.

I'm eating out frequently during business meetings, can I still do this?

Yes of course. We will set up a game plan for you that will ensure that you get optimum results whilst eating out. The ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle you can maintain long-term whilst getting you in your best shape.

I travel a lot for work and often don't know how to navigate my fitness & diet. Will you help me with this?

100% !! I’ve lots of clients who travel frequently. I’ll help you navigate your diet & training during travel days to make sure you’re making good food choices and maintain your fitness. 

How much time do I need to spend with workouts? I'm working 10h+ some days

Together we will take a look at your schedule and create a training regime that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule. Some of my clients achieved amazing results by exercising for 40mins/3 times a week. If you can’t free up 3x 4o minutes a week, I can’t help you.

I don't like some foods. Will this be taken into account?

Absolutely. We take your  food preferences into account whilst making sure it’s healthy, in moderation and gets you the best results possible. 

Is this program a Crash Diet?

No, the aim of the program is to give you an athletic and healthy look. The goal is to keep eating as much as possible while your fat mass disappears.

What do I need to join the program? Train in a gym?

Ideally yes but as we have seen with the corona virus out break we can get you World Class Results from home.

How do you help my personally?

We will have one to one personal check ins every week where we review your progress. Other than that, you have 24/7 WhatsApp Support from my side. You can ask any questions you have.


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